An enduring tale of technology and innovation

We create advanced products and solutions that integrate cutting-edge control systems, connectivity, and computing. Our primary focus lies in collaborating with our customers to develop innovative solutions for the medical and smart heating sectors.

Leveraging our strong connections to scientific research, deep technologies, and an extensive network of industrial partners, we empower companies to generate groundbreaking product ideas, introduce new business models, and drive value and innovation in their target markets.


M31 was founded on the visionary idea of Prof. Ruggero Frezza supported by Cav. Giannino Marzotto, who sought to bridge the gap between university research and the market.

Our mission is to create cutting-edge solutions that enhance the user experience of technology, which plays an increasingly prominent role in both professional and personal spheres.


After seven successful years of activity and endless projects, M31 decides to invest in the USA.


M31 acquires SeedLab, acceleration program for new technological enterprises.


Adaptica, a spinoff of M31 specializing in the development of optical products for various applications and focusing on the creation of comprehensive systems for ophthalmic diagnostics, has been acquired by the He Vision Group.


Centervue, a M31 spinoff specializing in the development and market introduction of several successful products for the diagnosis of retinal diseases, is acquired by the Revenio Group.


After several years as a technology project incubator, in 2020 M31 begins designing and developing its own IoT products in two key markets: Med Tech and Renewables.

The demand for automated and integrated products is rapidly increasing in these markets. M31 identifies these needs and consistently develops disruptive solutions to enhance people’s lives.


M31 becomes Technology Transfer Centre of the Industry 4.0 Plan. These institutions provide cutting-edge training and specialized guidance facilitating our customers’ seamless integration of our technologically advanced products.