Molecular Lab automation

  • Medtech advice

  • Intellectual property

  • Automated lab workstations

  • Liquid handling

  • Extraction

  • PCR analysis

  • Data analysis and processing

  • Sample storage and management

  • Machine customization

  • System integration

  • Remote access and connection

  • GDPR compliance

A long time in MedTech

For several years, we have been devoted to pioneering highly innovative solutions in optics and cardiology. In 2019, we made a strategic shift towards molecular lab automation. Our expertise lies in developing tailored medical equipment for extraction, liquid handling, and PCR analysis.

Our cutting-edge solutions not only facilitate the collection of non-medical diagnostic data for predictive maintenance and machine status management but also streamline the machine fleet and service. Additionally, they offer consumable verification, ensuring optimal performance.

We have a rich history of bringing innovation to the Med Tech sector, which dates back to the very beginning of M31 itself.

We have a diverse portfolio of innovative ventures, including Centervue, Adaptica, and D-EYE. Our contributions extend beyond that to groundbreaking solutions such as the AED remotization for AMI (Saver One Geo). Additionally, we redesigned the Alifax ESR analysis machine.

We are an official Technology Transfer Center

In 2023, we achieved the status of Technological Transfer Center under the Industry 4.0 Plan, officially recognized by Unioncamere Italia. This validation empowers us to assist our clients in the intricate journey of technological transfer across various industrial domains.

The story of M31 itself attests to the proactive role that our organization has always played in the field of tech transfer as pioneers. We have made it our corporate mission from day one and today it is the challenge to which we wholeheartedly engage ourselves, supporting the cultural shift of the organizations we work with.