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Meet ApiFire

In an era where renewable energies play an increasingly vital role in promoting environmental well-being, we have made a deliberate choice to focus one of our two vertical product lines on the rising sector of smart heating.

Our solutions provide a wealth of data on heating system operation and usage, revolutionizing the customer care process and enhancing the experiences of manufacturers, maintainers, and end-users.

Take a look at our experience

Renewable energies are a crucial solution for addressing climate change and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Among them, pellet fuel stands out as a sustainable energy source derived from reclaimed wood processing waste. Recycling is inherent in its composition, utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste.

To maximize its positive impact, advanced controls throughout the production chain are essential. A rigorous manufacturing process ensures a virtuous approach.

That’s why we collaborate with client companies adopting our cutting-edge hardware and cloud-based control platform. Together, we optimize pellet fuel’s potential, harnessing its environmentally friendly qualities for a more sustainable energy future.

We are an official Technology Transfer Center

In 2023, we achieved the status of Technological Transfer Center under the Industry 4.0 Plan, officially recognized by Unioncamere Italia. This validation empowers us to assist our clients in the intricate journey of technological transfer across various industrial domains.

The story of M31 itself attests to the proactive role that our organization has always played in the field of tech transfer as pioneers. We have made it our corporate mission from day one and today it is the challenge to which we wholeheartedly engage ourselves, supporting the cultural shift of the organizations we work with.