Inspired to shatter boundaries to improve life

Human centric & sustainable

Our products prioritize human well-being and sustainability. We develop solutions that have the potential to enhance both individual life and communities significantly, while also considering the impact on the environment.

Boundary shattering as a design philosophy

We are passionate about dedicating ourselves to disruptive technology that has the power to bring about significant changes in markets where we have gained extensive expertises. Our primary goal is to enhance the well-being of individuals by providing our products to make their life easier, significantly.

By addressing the challenges that hinder daily well-being, we create positive, rapid, and transformative change. We leverage technology to benefit businesses and foster new models that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

  • Intellectual property

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Computer vision

  • Digital twins

  • Sensors and actuators

  • Internet of Things

  • Data management

  • Robotics

30 multidisciplinary talents reacting together

At M31, we have a wide range of engineering disciplines that directly apply to our solution areas: software, firmware, cloud, mobile, industrial engineering, hardware, electronic boards, and a prototyping laboratory.

We believe in fostering a culture of collaboration within our multidisciplinary team, where talented individuals interact and constantly push their limits with the latest technologies.

Each talent takes part to a specific Chapter that focuses on a particular technical expertise and strives to elevate the level of technological excellence at M31.

We are an official Technology Transfer Center

In 2023, we achieved the status of Technological Transfer Center under the Industry 4.0 Plan, officially recognized by Unioncamere Italia. This validation empowers us to assist our clients in the intricate journey of technological transfer across various industrial domains.

The story of M31 itself attests to the proactive role that our organization has always played in the field of tech transfer as pioneers. We have made it our corporate mission from day one and today it is the challenge to which we wholeheartedly engage ourselves, supporting the cultural shift of the organizations we work with.